Peter Merry

Dr Peter Merry is a philosopher, social entrepreneur, and planetary
activist. He has spent his life crossing the business, government,
and nonprofit worlds, mobilising and motivating people to do
what needs to be done for a vibrant society and planet.
Roles he currently plays include:

• Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity, a new online platform
combining learning and social innovation, and informed by
an integral approach and game design. This includes a social
platform for changemakers, the UbiVerse, recognition
for competencies developed through lifelong learning and
skill assessment for the United Nations Sustainable Development

• Public speaker, philosopher and advisor on future trends
from an integral whole systems perspective, with a particular
specialisation in the future of education

• Founder and Chair of the Center for Human Emergence,
Netherlands, formed in 2005 to facilitate the Netherlands
through the current transition and learn for the world

• Fellow of the Center for Human Ecology in the UK, where he
completed his MSc with a thesis on the future of work and

In the past he was a partner in Engage!, delivering training and
consulting for integral change. He started off with his one-person
business using interactive theatre methods in international youth
work for intercultural learning.

He has a PhD from Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School with a
new philosophical argument on the life process, called Volution
Theory (see

He lives in an ecological neighbourhood in Culemborg, the
Netherlands, with his Dutch wife and three sons. He sings and
plays guitar in the anglo-celt folk band Maggies Wedding. He
also has a deep interest in geomancy and energetic dimensions
of the Earth. He worked with a theatre company in Paris, France,
for a year, and remains a great fan of British director Peter Brook.

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