Why Work?

Economics and Work for People and Planet

by Peter Merry

Book Cover: Why Work?
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ISBN: 978-0998031729
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Pages: 144
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We humans are born to be full of life, expressing all different parts of ourselves through creativity while building a vibrant world together. The current world of work deadens this human potential by only valuing that which adds to abstract economic indicators and deprives us of the time and space to contribute in ways that are meaningful and empowering. Why Work? shows us how we can change our policies, take action directly in our communities to carve out the space for us to reclaim our humanity, and engage in activities that reward our deeper needs, our communities and our planet as a whole. This is the Why of Work.

Publisher: Amaranth Press
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Reviews:Ken Wilber wrote:

Peter Merry’s book addresses a central question faced by every human: Why should we work? His overview is lively, direct, readable, and very timely. With technological advances threatening to continue to eat away at employable jobs, new solutions are ever-more urgently required for human daily survival. Peter’s work looks at this issue head-on, with both analyses and possible solutions. Well done!

Prof. Wayne Visser wrote:

Why Work? is a brave treatise that refuses to shy away from Western capitalism’s most vexing dilemmas, such as how to create meaningful work and halt the social cancer of growing inequality. Merry effortlessly weaves together philosophical, economic, political and even spiritual perspectives into a highly readable book that is as grounded in pragmatic solutions as it is uplifted by inspiring aspirations. Many of the policy ideas are rooted in the decades old “new economics” and “green politics” movements, which are only recently being taken up and stress tested by various governments around the world, especially in Europe. This makes the book highly contemporary and recommended reading for changemakers in government, business, civil society and academia. A fertile and far-reaching book of possible futures.

Barrett C. Brown, PhD. wrote:

Once again, Peter Merry is years ahead with his thinking about global flourishing and what it takes for us to bring about a future that works for all. In this work he deftly weaves a tapestry of hope for our future from the threads of ecological economics, consciousness development, and social change theory. This mash-up of paradigms and trans-disciplinary thinking, combined with examples of practical, liberating structures for the individual and collective, is precisely the grounded wisdom that will stimulate real change. With this text, he will continue to positively influence those with authority, power, and influence for many years to come.

About the Author

Dr Peter Merry is a philosopher, social entrepreneur, and planetary
activist. He has spent his life crossing the business, government,
and nonprofit worlds, mobilising and motivating people to do
what needs to be done for a vibrant society and planet.
Roles he currently plays include:

• Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity, a new online platform
combining learning and social innovation, and informed by
an integral approach and game design. This includes a social
platform for changemakers, the UbiVerse, recognition
for competencies developed through lifelong learning and
skill assessment for the United Nations Sustainable Development

• Public speaker, philosopher and advisor on future trends
from an integral whole systems perspective, with a particular
specialisation in the future of education

• Founder and Chair of the Center for Human Emergence,
Netherlands, formed in 2005 to facilitate the Netherlands
through the current transition and learn for the world

• Fellow of the Center for Human Ecology in the UK, where he
completed his MSc with a thesis on the future of work and

In the past he was a partner in Engage!, delivering training and
consulting for integral change. He started off with his one-person
business using interactive theatre methods in international youth
work for intercultural learning.

He has a PhD from Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School with a
new philosophical argument on the life process, called Volution
Theory (see volutiontheory.net).

He lives in an ecological neighbourhood in Culemborg, the
Netherlands, with his Dutch wife and three sons. He sings and
plays guitar in the anglo-celt folk band Maggies Wedding. He
also has a deep interest in geomancy and energetic dimensions
of the Earth. He worked with a theatre company in Paris, France,
for a year, and remains a great fan of British director Peter Brook.